Dublin, Paris, Hannover

2012年6月25日 5:47 AM, カテゴリー: 告知・イベント コメント(0)

I’m going to Dublin, Paris, and Hannover for promotion of my film. Here is the schedule however please refer to each web site for the details (KAZE).

2nd July (Dublin)
19:00 Premiere in Dublin and Q&A
21:25 Q+A session

3rd (Paris)
20:30 Theater Premiere Paris Cinema UGC

4th (Paris)
18:00 Signing Session at FNAC Les Halles

5th (Paris)
14:30 Signing Session

6th (Paris)
15:00 Signing Session
17:00 Master Class (Making demonstration)

7th (Paris)
12:00 Conference Video stage Japan Expo
14:30 Signing session
16:30 Fan meeting

9th (Hannover)
14:30 Signing Session
20:15 Premiere screening with Q&A




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